Thoughts by Aud.

Thoughts by Aud is over two and a half years old! That is wild to me. I started this blog in my bedroom as a high school graduate who was scared as all get out to go to college. Thoughts by Aud was a project to distract me from my worries and now it is a place where I go to talk about the hard parts of life.

I have changed since I started this blog. I have become stronger, tougher, and gentler. As a result, I have decided to use the inspiration from Thoughts by Aud to fuel a future project: independent consulting. I am going to start researching how to jump into the free lance world as a young pro. My vision for my firm is for it to be a place where truth is used to propel individuals and companies into a place of prosperity. Authenticity and transparency will be at the forefront.

The name of the firm will either be Aud Thoughts Public Relations (ATPR) or AD Public Relations.

Let’s see where this goes!




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