Here’s A Site For You.

So if any of you are like me, I bet you enjoy finding awesome things on the internet. Well, there is this awesome place online where each of us can be anonymous if we choose to be.

It’s called If You Find This Email.

It is so easy to participate in the love and care that exists on this platform. All you have to do go to the website, click “Send Yours” and then write about whatever is on your heart. If the owner chooses to publish your email on the site, it will be on the “The Emails” page.

The things that are on your heart are definitely on the heart of someone else somewhere in the world. I love this platform because it is a place for people to get there feelings and thoughts into the world in a way that makes them feel safe. In the end, the name attached to the words do not matter, it’s the words themselves that matter. Words are powerful. They hurt and they heal. This is platform that gets raw and real just right. These people open their hearts in the hopes of helping themselves and helping others.

Enough of my thoughts on this website go look at it for yourself!



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