How we break and how we burn. How we live and how we learn.

I’ve been broken. I’ve been hurt. I’ve been invalidated. I accept that these things are a part of me now and forever, but they DO NOT define me. When life gives us lessons, we have to learn from them. But then, we have to let them go. Holding onto them will not undo the pain and hardship, it will only prolong it. Our lives will always be touched by heartbreak.

The girl next to you on the train? Her mom passes away when she was young. The boy who passed you on the stairs? His parents disowned him because of his sexuality. The young woman with the bright smile but sad eyes? She’s dating someone who loves with a passion brighter than the sun, but he doesn’t feel the same way. The old man in the store? The woman he loved for 50 years passed away last year.

Heartbreak touches us all.

Love touches us all.

Healing touches us all.


Chance. Does everything happen by chance? Is it just by chance I was born into the family I am a part of? Was it just by chance that I developed a curiosity no one has been able to damage? Was it just by chance that I developed a sense of others before self long before I knew what was? Was it just by chance that I learned early that love is both a healer and a weapon, a powerful one at that? I’m not someone who believes in aligned stars or that everything happens for a reason. What I do believe is that each of us possess unique gifts, and that our experiences expose those gifts to us. I am strong, loving, guarded, thoughtful, weak, selfish, open, and so much more. We are all flawed. Every single one of us. We try to live in our best traits but our weaker ones are right there too, just like in that list. Those traits keep us grounded. They remind us that in a world telling us to be perfect at everything, we will never reach that bar. In the fractured pieces of the lives we live are moments of joy, bliss, anger, and sadness. These moments are the ones in which we feel the most alive. Pain is a part of the human experience, as is heartbreak. I admitted to someone that I barely know in a stairwell the other day that I had journeyed through heartbreak before. I hesitated before I answered, but I answered truthfully. (Vulnerability intimidates us all) That was a huge step for me. It reaffirmed the HARD work I have done over the last year to practice what I preach. Yes, I have been heartbroken, but I don’t blame anyone for it anymore. Harsh blame will never change or improve anything like positivity will. With that said, I do not wish heartbreak on anyone in this world. But it is like the flu, everyone comes down with a case of it eventually. I admitted to being heartbroken. I let myself be vulnerable because I want the things I say and think to be as true as they can be so that I can live a full life — we are all capable of doing hard things and what is broken can be repaired in time. Is this all by chance? Maybe. If so, that’s perfectly okay with me.


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