She’s Worthy of All — She’s Worthy — She Is Of Worth

By Lauren Dolce Bartholomew

What is worth?


Worth is appreciation for things that can’t be helped;

It is the proud tears of a friend or family member;

It is the peace that comes from contentment;

It is the value that time nor currency nor words can describe.


He has worth.

She has worth.

We have worth—intrinsic, unrelenting, eternal worth.


We are worthy.

This is not to be mistaken with quality, significance, or importance.

It is not a synonym for entitled.

Worth stands alone.


Worth begets love begets truth begets humility begets worth.


What are we worth?


We are worth love and kindness and patience and grace and understanding and so much more.

From ourselves, from others, from the Powers that Be…


Love: Boldly. Unapologetically. Wholly.

Convince others of their worth, starting with your own.


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