You Were Born To Build.

I don’t know about you, but I am a HUGE spoken word fan. It is such a unique art form. I marvel at how talented people are with their words. Beyond that, I marvel at how they are about to articulate their words. Some of the poets evoke so much emotion in me. It is simply beautiful.

Last night, I stumbled upon the poet Sarah Kay and her poem titled “The Type”. It is about being a woman and I think it is one of the most simple and powerful poems I have ever heard. I value simplicity.

At the end of the poem she says that as a woman “you were born to build”. This poem entered my life during a chapter I would describe as calm and content. The chapter before it was rather choppy and uncomfortable, but this one is not like that.

I have grown in ways that shock me every day. I am becoming better at unplugging from social media. I am fostering meaningful relationships. I am falling asleep and waking up with purpose. I am handling stress better than I have in the past. I am still learning.

Learning is important to fostering fruitful growth over time. I want to be someone who learns throughout her entire life. Eventually, I will be in a chapter again where I am in pain.

The human existence is laced with pain. Think about it. Every person we see has been through something that has changed them. It has sent them to their knees. It has caused them to start over. Pain is part of living.

Pain helps us. It helps us toughen up. It helps us learn. It helps us appreciate the times in our life when we do not feel pain. It helps us build.

I believe Sarah Kay is right in saying women were born to build. I also believe men and those who are gender binary were born to build. As humans we each have unique talents and interests. We use them daily to handle problems and celebrate triumphs. We also use them to lift up others and help them unlock their unique traits.

This life isn’t a fairytale, it’s far from it. There are bad things happening all around us at home and around the world. We can only control what we can control, and that is our personal narrative. We control what we do with our day, the thoughts we think, and the gentleness in our nature. We control our boundaries. We control our forgiveness. We control whether we let things go or let them tie us down.

You were born to build and you were born to fly. Don’t spend your life letting something define you and tie you down.

Define yourself. You have all the tools to do so.



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