Waving Through A Window.

You know what? The song “Waving Through A Window” is SO good. Ben Platt sings it in my new musical obsession, Dear Evan Hansen.

The song “You Will Be Found” from that show hit me right in a soft spot the first time I heard it. I think a good thing about these two songs is that they can go together.

It feels like all we are doing is waving through a window, or multiple windows, sometimes. We feel like everyone else is bigger, taller, stronger, and smarter than us. We feel like in a world of portfolios, resumes, and internships that NO ONE is going to notice us.

But believe me, you will be found. You want to know how? By being yourself. This world is a hard one to be your authentic self in. Authenticity requires a few things. It requires you to recognize how human you truly are. Then, it requires you to accept the fact that you will never be perfect, but that you can always strive to get better. Finally, I think living authentically involves you calling the bullshit in your life. This includes calling when people are shady towards you and when you try to let yourself off easy. Being disciplined is important and so is not letting anyone disrupt your contentment.

So, that window you’re waving through, jumping towards and clawing for? It is worth because even if someone doesn’t find you, you are going to find yourself. The light is going to come through the clouds and you are going to see how much you can do by yourself and with those around you. You will also see the good people in your life, as well as their talents.

Just keep going, and make sure you go from a run or eat some ice cream. Oh, and don’t forget to listen to the soundtrack of Dear Evan Hansen.

Here is a link for you: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt4w6RmCEHrb4_AJRpDf2gg 

Finally, go follow the show on Twitter and Instagram. Follow Broadway Cares / Equity Fights Aids as well.

Art bring our emotions to life.

Love hard and live fully, friends.



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