It’s Okay Not To Be Okay.

Being a woman in 21st century America means I am very fortunate. I have a high school diploma, I am attending university, and I have many more opportunities that women in other countries do not have.

With that said, there are still problems that exist in my life, one of which is that I feel like I always have to be okay.

Now, maybe this isn’t one of the things that is super gender exclusive, but it is something that exists in my life as well as in the lives of other women I know. We feel as though we have to carry everything on our shoulders, from school work to our own emotions to other people’s emotions. We feel that if we show that we are struggling, we will be seen as too weak and vulnerable to handle what has come our way.

Honestly, this sucks.

Both men and women carry a lot of responsibility in their lives, but I feel as though women are pushed towards perfection more than men. This can be seen in standards of beauty, but also in the handling of all things life.

I want those of you who read this to know that it is truly okay to NOT be okay. It is okay to not have all the answers. It is okay to need to take a break from time to time. It is okay to cry. It is okay to be sad and angry at the same time or at separate times. It is okay to be emotional in whatever way you express emotion. IT IS OKAY.

Mental health is something that is far too neglected and stigmatized. No one seems to see that in order to be physical healthy, you must also be mentally and emotionally healthy. The only way to be all of these things, is focus on each one individually from time to time. You have to let yourself break down in order to build yourself back up.

Cry. Scream. Run. Eat some ice cream. Eventually, you’re going to see that the pain you went through helped you become wiser and stronger, mentally, physically and emotionally. You will be proud of yourself and you will carry that feeling with you for the rest of your life.



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