Here I am at 19 years old, receiving a college education, and sometimes I still feel like I am failing at life. Here I am at 19 years old watching friends of mine struggle to stay above water when it comes to their responsibilities and personal lives. They too, sometimes feel like they are failing.

We are not failing. We are changing, and sometimes change feels like failure. Personally, I have gone through a number of changes over the last year of my life. I finished my first year of undergrad, travelled across the country, lost a few friends, broke up with my boyfriend. Through all of those things, I felt uncomfortable. I felt like I was completely lost.

Since going through all of these changes, I have realized truly I am a success, not a failure, even when do not feel like it. I am a success because I choose to walk through these changes and come out on the other side. The changes I have gone through have made me wiser, kinder, and stronger. They have helped me on my journey toward becoming the person I aspire to be.

Life is a whirlwind. It may be full of positives, but it is also full of negatives and unknowns. Change sends us right into negatives and unknowns. They can engulf us. Change can make us feel as though we will never succeed. But please remember, the change you are going through is most likely the beginning of your success, not the end of it. You will come out on the other side a different person, a changed person, a strong person, a successful person.

Innately, we do not like change. But sometimes the only way to move forward is to take a risk, take a chance, make a change. (Kelly Clarkson rocks BTW).



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