You can’t let yourself live inside a bubble, one that only allows you to get so close to things, but not fully embrace them.

It’s simple.

Maybe we only get one life, maybe we have eternal life, or maybe we live more than one life. Regardless, you only have today. So, with the day you are given, take time to take pictures of the things you love. To drink more coffee than you should. To laugh too loud. To draw pictures, dance outside in the sunshine or in the rain, read something just because you remember someone saying it was worth the time. To take a random risk (big or small), give someone a gift, or maybe a hug. Ask someone what their favorite memory is, etc., etc., etc. Be more than just the equivalent of a zombie; live.

Building a barrier between yourself and the rest of the world will not protect you. Now, experiencing the world obviously won’t either, but at least then you have something to look back at now and in the future.

Bubbles aren’t good. End of Story.

But part of not being in a bubble, is accepting who you are as a person. That is something easier said than done.



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