Here is something to think about, and this post is not going to be very long, so read it if you have time.


No, not the kind that are brought to life in movies.

The ones that live inside each and every one of us.

We all grapple with demons in our minds. We grapple with ideas, with the treatment we have received from others, with the lives we lead. These demons, they turn people away from us. They cause us to build walls and fortresses. These, can only be brought down by those who are patient enough to do so. By those who see the potential in us and want to figure us out.

Simply put, when you find someone who wants to fight your demons right next to you as long as you help them fight their’s, keep them around. Whether they are a friend or a love interest, people like that are hard to find. So keep them. Treasure them. Value them.



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