19 things I’ve learned by 19.

My 19th birthday is less than two weeks away, and lately I have been reflecting on the things I have learned throughout my short lifetime. I am fully aware that I have much more to learn, so much more than I can even fathom learning. But, there are at least 19 things I have learned over the last 19 years that I think deserve to be shared.

  1. Beauty and Brains are a lethal combination- so, keep studying, as well as putting on make up, working out, painting your nails, doing whatever makes you feel beautiful.
  2. Boys are just boys, you won’t EVER understand them completely.
  3. Treasure the time you have with your grandparents, they give wonderful insight when you need it the most.
  4. Your mom is always right. Literally. It’s like she is psychic or something.
  5. Sisters/brothers push your buttons, but they are the one friend/person that will be there for you when things start crumbling around you, no matter how many times you have told them to leave.
  6. Loving yourself is fucking hard to accomplish. Plain and simple.
  7.  Running/ working out calms your mind more than chocolate is able to.
  8. But chocolate always understands anything and everything you are going through.
  9. Take time to listen to and spend time with little kids. Encourage them, make them feel good about themselves. There is something about being around kids that makes you feel younger and more positive (usually).
  10. Go on as many adventures as you can. If something sounds fun or cool, go do it. I recommend going to Europe, it is a beautiful, magically, spiritual and all around beautiful continent to be on. Or hiking, or just on a serious adventure where you have no idea where you are going.
  11. Learn how to ice skate, it is a valuable skill.
  12. Take time to develop your passions. Writing, playing a sport, knitting, singing, acting, anything. You need to have special interests.
  13. Go places/do things alone, it is refreshing.
  14. Your dad won’t say much, but what he does say is valuable information.
  15. Be a positive influence on someone, there is already enough negativity in the world.
  16. Be there for your friends, but make sure they are there for you too.
  17. Thank your mentors. They deserve it. You would not be where you are or who you are without them. This includes your parents.
  18. Eat the damn ice cream cone, it won’t kill you. But make sure to get nutrients and to take care of your body, you only get one.
  19. Finally, everything may not happen for a reason, but the things that do happen to you shape who you are. So, own your experiences, grow from them and pass on any knowledge you learn as a result of them, to other people.

I always have and always will, love my birthday. I am thankful to have been able to be on earth with the people I love for another year.

I am also especially thankful to have been able to learn so much in the last few years of my life.

I like to think of myself as someone who really does live her life, not someone who just exists and goes through the motions. As a result, I am rewarded with wonderful experiences and I also get hurt…often. Life is a rollercoaster that teaches us something new  EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Please, make sure you are paying attention to the world around you. But also make sure to enjoy wherever you are in life to the best of your ability.



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