Under That Umbrella.

Under that umbrella

they stood just close enough to touch.

she watched, as a rain drop fell from his curls to his nose

silently thanking him for making sure she didn’t have a drop on her.

he was talking, but she wasn’t listening to the words

only to the sound of his voice against the soft sound of droplets hitting the earth.

Rain poured around them

hitting cars, trucks, trees and flowers

but under that umbrella

she felt engulfed in sunshine.

Under that umbrella

he looked at her with untamed respect

with grace, joy, compassion

with love.

his eyes lit up at the sight of her smile

the sound of her laugh, the powerful light in her eyes

the way she said “I love you” and meant it.

Under that umbrella

he could see she was paying attention

to the way his lips formed words, the look in his eyes

and the flash of his smile.

he could see it. he loved it. he loved her.

Under that umbrella, it became more than just an umbrella.

It became a shield.

it covered them. it brought them together.

it protected them,

especially from those on the outside who didn’t quite understand

their motives. their life.

or their love.



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