When you Date an Actor/Actress…

Hm, how is she going to write this one? Is she going to say it’s easy, that everyone should date one at least once in their life? Is she going to say it’s hard and that she hates it?

You learn that dating an actor is just like dating anyone else. 

They are normal people, with normal struggles, with complex struggles. People that love things, that hate things, that get hurt. People who have internal conflicts, who don’t have friends, who have tons, who love being alone, who hate it. People who like to sing in the shower, people who don’t, who love people, who don’t like people. People who are very secure, people who aren’t. People who love social media, people who could live their lives without it.

These lists could go on for eternity.

EVERYONE on this planet is different.

You learn things you wouldn’t expect to.

Again, just like in any other relationship…except that you learn that your boyfriend can dance in heels, while wearing a longer dress than any dress you like to wear and can put on his own eyeliner better than you can. Or, you learn that your girlfriend can belt like no other, can play a male character flawlessly and has the ability to cry on cue, which is a talent most girls wish they had. You learn all the other normal relationship things as well, but you get the chance to learn things others do not get to.

You realize that kissing can be a part of a job. 

“Oh my gosh, how can you deal with him/her kissing someone else?” Well, that’s a loaded question. Would I rather not sit in the audience watching my boyfriend portray like he’s in love with someone else? Is there any other answer to that than yes?. BUT it is what it is. Passion, kissing and being in love with a co-star is part of the job, and you have to realize that. It doesn’t mean your boyfriend or girlfriend loves you any less, they actually have so much respect for you because you choose to be in that  audience supporting them and watching it all unfold. They are doing it for the show, for the people they are trying to pull into the story. They love you, they do. They also love their profession, and because you love them, you have to put up with things like this that are unusual. They will do the same thing for you, just in a different capacity.

You learn that theatre friendships are their own kind. 

Friendships made through theatre are one of a kind. They seem stronger than other friendships, there is more of a bond. They care so much about each other. I think this happens because once a show is cast, in 2 or 3 months, it’s over. In that small window of time, each person pours their heart into a show in order to make it the best it can be. As an outsider, you get to observe how this happens, and it is one of the coolest things to experience.

You begin to realize you have to be ready for anything. 

“Honey, I flew above the stage today.” “Guess what? I don’t have rehearsal tomorrow, where do you want to go?” “I can’t go, I’m so sorry, I have rehearsal.”

These, and many other statements, are what you have to be ready for. You have to go with the flow. This is a profession that has a lot to do with preparation, execution of said preparation, and opportunity. When there is a job, they take it. When there is an audition, they will find their way to get to it. Constantly being on your toes is an understatement. You have to be ready for what life throws at you, just like in any other relationship. You have no control over what happens and you can’t and shouldn’t try to predict it in the slightest.

You realize it’s worth it. 

This goes for dating actors, artists, dancers, singers etc. Dating people with a type of artistic talent is worth it, it honestly is. People like them have a mind that is unlike most other people. They are, for the most part, very passionate about life, as well as thinkers, doers, risk takers and dreamers. Life with them will NEVER be boring, it will never become stagnant, and you will learn things about them, and yourself, every single day.

They ARE NOT the stereotype that comes to mind when you hear the word “actor”.

They are beautiful individuals that deserve as much love, friendship and compassion as anyone else.




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