College: First Semester.

College. Once you enter high school, it’s the one place some of us really dream of being.

No parents. No rules. You get to make new friends. You get to start over. You get to take classes that go along with your career. You get to drink. You get to stay up late.

All of this is very true, and college is an amazing place, full of intelligent minds that will influence you and help you grow.

College is also hard. Just like anything else in life, it has it’s problems.

First semester, they say, is the hardest one.

You have never been in college before, you aren’t living with your parents, you have to take care of yourself and on top of that, you have to restart, something you were looking forward to. This means, you have to flashback to kindergarten and remember how to make friends again.

It is a challenge, but it is a challenge that gets you ready for when you are a full blown adult, networking, meeting new people and growing.

I am not the same person I came into college being before my first semester, and I am not the person I will be when my current semester is over.

College constantly changes you, which is a good thing.

During that first semester, you have to remember to keep your head, establish your priorities and put yourself out there. Push yourself, in your academic and social realm, you have to.

Always remember, you can get by in any situation with a little help from your friends, which is why when you get to your college campus, you have to make some.

First semester will end. College will get easier. It will also get harder. But, you are strong and you can handle ANYTHING life throws at you.

Never forget that.

And- if all else fails, call mom/dad/grandma/grandpa, whoever will help you through it.





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