“The problem with love these days is that society has taught the human race to stare at people with their eyes rather than their souls.” – Christopher Poindexter.

Relationships are…well…interesting.

But, what are relationships anymore?

The past is not always better. It really isn’t. The point of the past is for us to remember it, cherish it and learn from it. As I see it, their is a lot to learn from relationships of past decades.

The good things about relationships in past decades include boys asking a girl’s dad if he could take her on a date and dates being creative and fun, for example. My grandparents talk about going to dinner and going dancing when they were young. That’s right, actual dancing. DANCING. Not grinding. They always get so excited when they talk about it, they say those nights are some of their favorite memories.

The bad parts of relationships back then include some of the same things we see today. Women being told what to do, when to do it, what they couldn’t do. Men feeling pressured to be in a relationship, find someone, go about things the way they are supposed to. All of that. It happened then and it happens today, just in a different way.

Today, if you haven’t kissed someone by the time you’re in college, its taboo. The same goes for having sex, sadly. Although, it seems as if then once you have sex you are labeled as a rebel, player or a slut, so there is a discrepancy their. If you sit and talk for hours, you’re not showing love at all. Oh and my favorite one, if you like to talk to each other and go to do fun stuff and be best friends, one of you is probably homosexual. Stereotype on stereotype, neither of which should exist or be expressed.

My question about all of this is, what happened to the value in finding someone to spend the rest of your life with? Isn’t that what dating’s purpose? To figure out the qualities of someone you can deal with until the end? I understand that each person has a right to go through relationships they way they want to, but by being friends with someone first, and learning about how they act, what they love, what they hate and what struggles they have been through, only can strengthen your relationship.

I think that is missing something beautiful. It is missing the fact that every person that walks this earth has a purpose for being here. They are more than just a body. They have thoughts, dreams, goals and insecurities. Every single one of us do. We are all a little broken. Embarking on a relationship means you have decided to except EVERYTHING about that person, or at least you are going to try to.

So, again, what are relationships anymore?

Are they going through life with someone, excepting them for everything they are and learning from them?

Or are they just about finding someone to satisfy physical needs?

Or, are they both of these things?

Food for thought.



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