WHAT is the love of your life?

Notice I said what, not who. Sure, people are important, but so is filling your life with things that “light your soul on fire” for lack of a better way of stating it.

So, what is the love of your life? Think about it. Is it music, sports, drawing, theatre, reading, writing, going on adventures, watching netflix, running, photography, etc.?

I would say that mine is writing.

I love to write. I don’t write stories about anything in particular, I just write. I write about life, about my struggles and about my triumphs. I obviously write on this blog, and I also enjoy writing in my journal.

Any emotion I have, I enjoy expressing in journal writing. I makes it easier for me organize my thoughts and have my life in order (if life can be in order). I enjoy describing things that have happened to me, mostly the good ones.

There are feelings I have expressed in my journals that I cannot express to other people. They are just to hard for me, plus I feel ridiculed at times for expressing views so descriptively like I enjoy doing. I’m not sure if other people feel this way or not, but it is how I feel. That’s why it is a love of my life. I want to protect it, respect it and keep it scared.

I never want to lose the love I have for writing. Sure, it isn’t professional or anything, it is just something that really helps me. I think that is true with all passions, they help us. They help us through tough situations and enjoy the good times.

So, take care of whatever is the love of your life. It will ALWAYS be there for you, even when people are not.



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