Ahh the word mistake. Makes you cringe doesn’t it? Our whole lives, we receive mixed signals about this word. “Don’t do anything you will regret, you will hate yourself for making a mistake.” or, on the other side “It’s ok to make mistakes, it is how you learn.”

So, which one is it? Should we be scared of mistakes or embrace them?

I think we should embrace them. Living in fear? That is no fun. Sure, embracing them means we will make wrong decisions here and there, but we will learn from them, just like people have told us.

This applies to all kinds of mistakes. Maybe you choose the wrong college, the wrong major, date the wrong guy, break up with the right guy, run off with someone, spend money on something that is a total scam, the list goes on. Regardless of what kind of mistake it is, big or small, something good will come out of it.

Take the case of a family friend I have that is older than me. She dated a guy for a while and even got engaged to him…and then realized what a mistake it was. She realized that he was not going to help her in life and she decided to end it. When she ended it, she thought she had made a huge mistake, when in reality the mistake was staying with the guy for so long. About a year or so after she broke up with her boyfriend, she met a new guy who she clicked with almost immediately and she realized what true love was. In time, she also began to see her mistake in her previous relationship and all the mistakes she had made during it. Without that relationship, she never would have learned what she wanted in a husband and partner through life, so even though it was a mistake, she embraced it for the good things it provided her with.

Yes, I know this is a love story example, but it is a real life example. This story has happened to many others. There are other examples too, like choosing the wrong career and realizing what a mistake it was. Here’s the one thing I think is cool about mistakes (minor ones, mind you). You can make sure to never make them again and in time you will realize they were blessings. They gave you strength and showed you that you are resilient person that can get through falling down. That’s why they need to be embraced. They make us wise and who we are at this very moment.


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