Grandparents. Some are cute, some are not. Some are happy, some are sad. But, all of them should be listened to. Why you ask? They have lived more life then most are get to and because of that, they have valuable information to pass on.

Grandma Brenda. My mom’s mom. She’s 74 and lives like she is 25. She spends her money on stuff maybe she shouldn’t, but she never spends too much of her money. She loves boxed dinners and Campbell’s soup, and salt n’ vinegar chips too.  She’s been through hell in her life and she is full of information. She always makes me coffee and tells me stories. They are amazing and help me so much in my life.

My grandma married  guy she thought she could change. She realized you cannot do that. People only change if they want to. She raised her kids alone, she went back to college to become a teacher, she never gave up on herself even when that would have been easier than what she was dealing with. My grandma said she got through by being positive and knowing she needed to show her girls that they needed to push through their problems. She has fire in her soul and always has.

My grandma also provides wisdom when it comes to forgiving others. She says that you do not have to talk to people that hurt you, but you cannot carry the hate with you. That only causes you problems, not the other person. You have to move on at some point and learn from the mistakes you made. There is too much life out there to put so much energy into someone and something that is all negative.

My grandma can give advice like no one else and so can her friends. They have wisdom from years of living and that is why I believe we should listen to them.


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