One thing needs to be clear, I’m NOT getting married ANY time soon, but hey, a girl can dream can’t she? I know that title could have seemed intimidating (especially if some people are reading this right now). I just enjoy dreaming about my wedding dress, my wedding location, the food I’m going to have (HINT: cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes.) and many other aspects of it. My inspiration for this post, however,  is a little out there. I’m in my dorm room with my roommates laughing and eat sour patch kids, and all of a sudden, I look down at the ring my sister gave me.

This ring is so beautiful. It has a ruby gemstone in the center and is on a gold band. There are small hearts on the side of the and little diamonds as well. It is very simple and elegant, at least I think so. This ring made me start to think about engagement and wedding rings.

*GASP* no 18 year old should even think about those. (They are beautiful, why not? It doesn’t mean I have to go get hitched right now. I still have a lot to do before then!) I’m thinking about them in general and their meaning.

To me, those rings are more than promises, they are like engraving words into a rock, never to be erased. They may be small, but they say something huge. They show that your heart is protected by someone else and that you are protecting their’s. They make it known that you have invested time in someone else, meaning you have most likely gone through challenges with them. Long distance, demanding careers, doubters, rough patches, long illnesses, crazy parents, mean friends, etc. They should be seen as an equivalent to a tattoo; something you can NEVER get rid of, no matter how hard you try. And even if you tried, it would be too painful to follow through with.

These rings are viewed as a tradition to give someone when you want to marry them. What about viewing them more sacredly? Like they are more than just a piece of metal with an expensive gem stone on them. Like they are the heart of the person you love and have committed to. Thinking about a ring like that, in my opinion, would make it harder to take off. It would make it harder to leave on a counter and go persue something else. It would make it harder to look at everyday when you have done wrong. It would make you want to fight for the person who placed it on your finger. That’s for sure.


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