Ha. It sure would be easier if all of us were born and knew exactly what our life was going to be like. We would know what decisions to make, how we were going to get where we are supposed to be, it would be better, wouldn’t it?

That takes all the fun out of living though.

If you knew everything that was going to happen to you and those around you, then what’s the point in living? There would be no surprises, no people to be thankful for, no crazy stories or memories. Life would be boring.

As much as I don’t like being unsure of what is next for me, I find comfort in that I just have to live each day and conquer what is in front of me. I cannot plan too far ahead or even think about it, it’s all about today. Today is all I have. I have realized that living in just the day you’re in is much more fun. You can be thankful for the people around you a little bit more, laugh a little more and just realize that this world is bigger than just our corner. Pondering all of this has made me wonder if right now, I just started living. Before, I had decisions made for me. Now, I’m making my own decisions. I’m shocking people with some of my choices. But, most of all, I’m shocking myself. I’m standing up for what makes me happy and I hope that others choose to do the same every single day. This life is not one that needs to be suffered through, it is to be experienced. Who doesn’t want to have a memorable life flash before their eyes someday? I know I do.


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  1. Standing up for what makes you happy. No other way to do it. Great job.


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