I love you.

I love you. 3 words. 8 letters. One million meanings.

Over time, I have discovered that there are so many ways to express to someone that you love them. This means, you do not always have to say “I love you”. One can say, I care about you, I’m here to help you or I know you need someone to talk to. We all need people that we can confide in when we need advice or support. Being that person for someone shows them that you are willing to invest in them. You are giving your time to that person, and although some do not believe in the concept of time, those are still moments in our life that we cannot get back. Love can also be shown by doing things for people, like going out of your way for someone, even if you don’t know them.

Right now, I’m in the middle of my first week of college. I have seen other students be mean to freshmen or new students this week, but I have also seen people be there for each other. Yesterday, as I was walking past our student union, I could see that a boy about 50 feet away from me was confused about where his next class was. Apparently, an older girl could see the worried look on his face too and stopped talking to one of her friends to help him. That shows compassion and a type of love, she wanted to make sure she did what she could to help that young man.

Another way I believe that love can be shown is through protecting someone. This can be by actually protecting them from something like another person, a storm, their biggest fear, or just by telling them to be safe. Showing outwardly that we care about the safety of someone shows them that they are valued and we want to make sure they are okay because they are important to us.

Love is an interesting word, feeling and expression. In other languages, there are different words that mean different kinds of love. I wish that the English language had this luxury as well. There really are different kinds of love, just like there are different ways to express it. It is one of the most interesting topics to me personally. As humans, we find people and we would do anything for them, sometimes including laying down our lives. How can that not intrigue someone to want to learn more about it?


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