Small Town Life.

Small Towns. They sure a good place to be from. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great things about the small town that I live in. We have one of the only street fairs left in the state that rolls through every September. We also have a great sense of community that comes to together when tragedy happens. What must be understood, however, is that growing up in a small town puts you under a microscope. It seems as though everyone in the town knows more about you than you even know about yourself. That gets very frustrating, especially when wrong decisions are made.

We are human. This means, we are not perfect. No way, no how. So, sometimes, when we have to make a decision, we make the wrong one. In my hometown if you did this, it seemed like the whole town knew as soon as it happened. Rumors would start to fly, people would call each other to talk about it and I’m certain this is not the only place in the world where this happens. They even would make fun of people if they made a weird decision or stood for something that no one else liked. Ah being put down for being an individual, isn’t that just great? Seriously. Small towns can be great support systems, but they can also be a place where all you feel is torn down and alone.

There are kids at my high school who do not fit in. They aren’t jocks, they aren’t cheerleaders, they hate those kinds of people (or at least strongly dislike them). These kids would be the first to tell you, if you asked them, that they have been made fun of numerous times by both kids AND adults. Grown adults making fun of children because they like to sing, dance, play an instrument, read books, read comics, go on trips, etc. That’s what happens in this small town, and probably others around the world. More than likely, also in cities. At least there, you do not have to see the person saying these things everywhere. I feel like this town is a vortex. People cannot get out. I am going to do my very best to get out of here and make a life somewhere much different.


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