The Brain of a College Kid.

On a real note. Going to college is so exciting. and scary. and causes a tad bit of anxiety. But I am so excited. I have also already started the whole ” I’m a poor college kid, I have to save all the money I can.” thing. One thing, however, is that I feel like I am already starting to change. I don’t have the brain of a high school kid anymore, now it’s one of a college kid.

That last statement makes me sound crazy, and I understand that. I also understand that what I am saying is true. Now, I notice things like guys that might be a little bit scary, sales at the grocery store on off-brand things that taste the same as name brand (except Oreo’s. Buying off-brand Oreo’s is never okay.) and when would be an appropriate time to try to squeeze in a nap. These, among many other things, are things college kids think about. Of course, I have also started thinking about the future a lot more as well.

In high school, I lived day by day and tried to just get through. High school in a small town can be almost as bad as being in jail, or at least I thought so some days. I would day dream about college or being in a big city all the time in class (sometimes, that got me in trouble.) Now, I have realized that, even though I should not freak out too much about the future, I have to think about it. I have to think about where my college major is going to take me in life and I have to be sure to keep positive people in my life to keep me on track to help me reach my goals. I guess that would be why I have cut some people out of my life recently. If they are not going to help you get where you need to be, they are not worth keeping around. See, that’s a college kid thought. A “becoming an adult” thought. That’s why I believe that I know have the brain of a college kid and not a high school student.

Let’s hope that it helps me make smart decisions and have the time of my life the next four years. I want to be able to look back at all the pictures I am going to take with fond memories, not ones full of sadness and regret.


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  1. Amy Schmitt says:

    Hi there! Thanks for sharing. I am going into my second year as a college kid, so I can definitely relate to your post. Especially about the future-thinking bit. As I’ve grown older, I have become increasingly obsessed with my future. What should I major in? What are my career goals? How am I going to achieve them? I consider this to be one of my best skills. I’m a planner. But it’s also one of my weaknesses. I’m obsessed with my future, and that causes a lot of stress on someone who’s only 19.

    So I guess what I have to share with you is to continue being a forward-thinker, but don’t lose sight of the moment you’re in. College isn’t all about grades. Have fun. Make friends. Take care of yourself.

    Best of luck to you!

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    1. audradelaney says:

      Hi! Thank you so much for your comment, that is so encouraging!! I totally understand what you’re saying as far as being obsessed with future and I really do try to live in the moment. Best of luck to you as well!!

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