Let Change Happen.

Read this if you would like to but by all means close the browser window right now.

Thoughts by Aud.

Thoughts by Aud is over two and a half years old! That is wild to me. I started this blog in my bedroom as a high school graduate who was scared as all get out to go to college. Thoughts by Aud was a project to distract me from my worries and now it is…


Alrighty, so my friend Tucker started a photo blog and I want to share it with all of you. It is in its beginning stages currently, but he is so passionate about it. I am putting the link in this post and you should visit his page and give him a follow. He has been…


Believe me, it will get hard. We can prevail with grit, strength, passion, hustle and faith. 

To You.

To the girl sitting in her room crying because things didn’t work out, I am with you. To the girl fighting back tears as she puts one foot in front of the other, I am with you. To the girl who feels like she will never trust the eyes of someone again, I am with…


Friends bring the umbrellas, raincoats, rain boots, and snacks. Then, together, you wait for the storm to pass and for the rainbow to appear.