Friends bring the umbrellas, raincoats, rain boots, and snacks. Then, together, you wait for the storm to pass and for the rainbow to appear.

Here’s A Site For You.

So if any of you are like me, I bet you enjoy finding awesome things on the internet. Well, there is this awesome place online where each of us can be anonymous if we choose to be. It’s called If You Find This Email. It is so easy to participate in the love and care…


My life ya’ll. I have literally felt more loss and more love in the last year of my life than I ever have. I have felt redeeming sunshine. I have seen the truth in that where there is love, there it will always remain. I started this blog two years ago as a place to…


What I think about when it rains and when sleep doesn’t want to come easy.

What I Have To Say.

What I have to say today is that I want you to believe that the candles will be lit, the lights will turn back on, and the sun will rise…